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mikes-images.com Photo Scans

by Ariane/September 28, 2013/No Comments

Before Mike Quick, the owner of mikes-images.com took his website offline earlier this year due to personal and health related reasons, he lifted the ban on uploading his files to other websites – which was simply wonderful of him because I for one would’ve hated to lose all of those wonderful Xena things up there! I have now uploaded all the Xena related photo scans to my gallery, under the Mike’s Images section in the Photos category. Some samples below…


Gallery: Home > Photos & Scans > Mike’s Images


by Ariane/September 11, 2013/No Comments

Have been having computer troubles since last Friday; ended up having to re-install Windows yesterday and so now I need to get all my usual programs/scripts re-installed and also move back a lot screencaps, photos, music etc. from the various external hard drives where I had to move them temporarily so I wouldn’t lose them .

I doubt I’ll be get back to updating until after the weekend.

With the last two servers completing their transfers a few days ago after which I checked mine on those two servers… all my sites have now been moved to new servers and all sites should now officially be working normally :D

If do you now spot any errors etc. please let me know so I can either fix them!


New Themes

by Ariane/August 05, 2013/No Comments

I’ve uploaded new themes both here on the main site and to the gallery 🙂

Server Move – Looking Good

by Ariane/August 05, 2013/No Comments

Looks like the problems caused by the server move  are finally solved and settling down, except for some lingering individual site issues. I did a check of my sites on Thursday and Friday after my host send an e-mail too all hostees that they should now have ironed out majority of the kinks, and that everyone should start checking their own sites for any lingering issues. On completing that check I finally found all my sites working as they should (yay!), but didn’t want to start updating yet just in case. I’m going to do a final check tomorrow, and everything’s still “all checks go”, I’ll start returning to my normal updating activities right away.