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Screencapping Complete

by Ariane/January 27, 2019/No Comments

I now consider my screencapping of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys complete too! You’ll notice I capped selected episodes – I don’t like Hercules or Iolaus, but I do like some of the other characters (many of whom also appeared on Xena). These characters are any characters played by Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, plus Aphrodite, Ares and Discord and a few others, so I capped my favorite eps with them.

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!

Gallery: https://gallery.xenacentral.net – scroll down until you see the “Last Updated Albums” section to see the new additions.


This completes my Xena and Hercules screencapping (but if Xena is ever released on Bluray, I’ll cap that too!)

Hercules Screencaps

by Ariane/December 20, 2018/No Comments

Added screencaps from 1.06 As Darkness Falls, 1.12 The Gauntlet and 1.13 Unchained Heart. Lucy Lawless is in all of them.

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!


Hercules Screencaps Update + Fanart

by Ariane/November 25, 2018/No Comments

Added screencaps from Hercules And The Amazon Women and Hercules And The Lost Kingdom screencaps to the gallery 🙂 First one guest-stars Lucy Lawless and the second one Renee O’Connor.

Also uploaded Andi’s fanart to the Fan Creations page: Andi’s Icons and Andi’s Graphics 🙂


About The Slowness

by Ariane/October 24, 2018/No Comments

So the reason the site is slow is because it’s so busy that it’s eating up its allocated CPU at traffic peak times. I’ve activated CloudFlare here in hopes it will help with the load, and I’m looking into what further I might do about it.

Finished uploading screencaps from all season 5 episodes which means that screencaps from all Xena Warrior Princess episodes are now up!

WOW, I didn’t think this day would ever really come! I kept waiting to hear the news that Xena will be released on Bluray before I finished capping all the Xena eps from DVD, which would’ve meant I’d have to start all over again. But nope, no such such news so here we are: finished.

I’m going to take a little break, and then look at Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and which episodes I want to cap. Obviously, the rest of the Xena trilogy and whatever eps Lucy and/or Renee are in. But I’m not a H:TLJ fan at all, so if I cap other eps in addition that those, it’ll be a few sporadic ones that are my favorites. If you have any suggestions, reply to this post and I’ll see what I can do!

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!

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Also, the site should now be faster. We weren’t moved to a new server (whew, I wasn’t looking forward to all the checking and double-checking that always requires that everything gets moved along) but other sites have been moved to the new servers from this one, and also my host tinkered with my sites settings and everything loads faster – at least it is for me – now.