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Lucy Lawless Site, Changes

by Ariane/March 08, 2011/No Comments

I opened a tribute site for Lucy Lawless: http://www.lucy-lawless.net

I’m going on a hiatus until end of March the very least, possibly until end of April. More details at http://www.crystalfires.net/2011/03/08/2-new-sites-hiatus/

I have some changes in store for this site:

The Lucy Lawless site will affect my Xena site: I’m thinking I want to put the Xena Warrior Princess Lucy-only caps up at lucy-lawless.net and I certainly don’t want to go through every episode twice (first for all, then for Lucy), so I’m thinking to switch that site to all unweeded rars too, like Star Trek and Stargate. I’ll also get the caps up faster that way.

I’ll also be recapping the whole series because of the new program I found and mentioned here a post or two back. It produces better quality caps especially from the season 1 DVDs which are awful quality, and I’d have to redo season 1 completely, some of season 2 and all of season 4 completely. And I’m not totally happy with the number of caps I made previously when I made about 2000-2300 caps per episode (I always seem to miss as a shot that I need now). So I might as well recap the whole series one last and final time.

I’ve also been asked if I have any plans to cap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I hadn’t, but I’ve gotten enough requests to consider… I’m not really interested in Hercules the series except for Lucy and Renee, and Ares and Aphrodite, so I’ve no idea but apparently the series either hasn’t been capped fully, or in bad quality?

So I might step in there, if you can talk me over – I only own season 3 myself, but my local library has seasons 1-3 so I could get the first two seasons from there, and assuming the discs work ok (they don’t always in the library because they’re so well used), I could cap at least seasons 1-3 once I finish some other capping projects of mine. Any takers???

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