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mikes-images.com Photo Scans

by Ariane/September 28, 2013/2 Comments

Before Mike Quick, the owner of mikes-images.com took his website offline earlier this year due to personal and health related reasons, he lifted the ban on uploading his files to other websites – which was simply wonderful of him because I for one would’ve hated to lose all of those wonderful Xena things up there! I have now uploaded all the Xena related photo scans to my gallery, under the Mike’s Images section in the Photos category. Some samples below…


Gallery: Home > Photos & Scans > Mike’s Images

2 Comments to "mikes-images.com Photo Scans"

  1. Joe Quick says:

    Mike was my uncle and I just searched for his website and came across yours. I’m so glad his screen shots aren’t lost. Any chance you have some more of my uncles work?

    • Ariane says:

      Did he pass away? I hadn’t heard that, I am very sorry for your loss! He was always so friendly, he’ll be missed. I loved his wallpapers, they were a great inspiration to me back in the day. I think I have those, and the other wallpapers he posted on his website saved on a hard drive somewhere… I didn’t save his screenshots because I do my own, but his collection of Xena photos was unparalleled. It was so nice of him let other people to post them rather than to let get lost!

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