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Downtime & Restore

by Ariane/March 05, 2018/No Comments

Sorry for the downtime and all the broken links!

My host’s data center made a mistake while installing a new server and re-installed the current one instead, wiping out all sites on it, and then there was a script or user error when my host tried to restore from backups which lead to loss of most recent backups. Looks like we lost about 3,5 months worth of updates + plus maybe older uploads too, randomly (at least that’s what happened on my other sites) 🙁 I can restore (hopefully) everything from my personal backups, but I have to check a lot of things so it’ll take a lot of work and time so please be patient with me.

I’m starting the restore processes on this site right now, and will make a new post when everything is up and working again!

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