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This site (https://www.xenacentral.net) will close down when the domain expires on February 28, 2020.

Edit January 21, 2020: there’s screencaps downloading instructions in the comments.

Edited to add: My Xena fan works such as wallpapers will still be up online at So Obsessed – that’s my personal site where I post all my fan stuff, occasional personal blogs and random stuff.

This is due to my desire to lessen the stress caused by having many big sites, which I’ve been doing steadily the last couple of years . This is currently my second biggest site and it takes up a lot of my mental energy due to having to worry about it due to just sheer size… the next server disaster is always just around the corner. And I do know already that when there’s another server and/or host disaster in which I might lose some/all content, or have to transfer my sites to yet another host… I no longer have the will or the energy to do all that work yet again with this particular site. I still love Xena as much as ever, but I having several chronical ilnesses and being a spoonie, I just don’t have the mental werewithal anymore for what it takes everyday to make sure this site is online and working properly.

I’m giving blanket permission to download anything you want, and to re-upload all or some of the files elsewhere. The only requirement is that you must credit me, and in case of Mike’s images (found in that section of the gallery), also Mike’s Images.

I suggest everyone should download everything you want ASAP. Should the disaster strike between now and February 28, 2020… recovering the site will totally depend on whether there’s a working online backup (my host offers these, but this site is too big and unwieldy and it might not be complete). I won’t be re-uploading and re-doing manually everything for just a few weeks. So download everything ASAP!

I’m open to adopting this site out to another owner/webmaster if anyone wants to take over for me. The hard disk space currently used is about 107GB and the monthly bandwidth used has varied between 16GB and 31GB in 2019, with some peak months around 100GB in 2018. You’d need to be familiar with WordPress, Coppermine and FTP or be ready to learn them quickly. I can stay on board for a month or two behind the scenes to help you get going if needed. I can push the domain xenacentral.net to you for free, but after that you’ll be responsible for renewing it every year including when it expires in February 2020. If you go with same host as I’m on, Host4fans.net, I can propably get them to change the cpanel account of xenacentral.net from my account to yours, so no downloading & uploading the 107GB would be immediately needed in order for you to take over, but if you want to host elsewhere other than Host4fans.net, then you will have to do that. In that case, I’ll give you FTP access to download all the files, as well as give you copies of the databases. But I will not be uploading the 107GB for you to another host, you need to do that yourself. If you’re interested, just contact me at intothisshadow@gmail.com and we’ll talk!



4 Comments to "Closing Site In February 2020 – Read The January Edit!"

  1. Kellie says:

    Hi, thanks for letting us know. Is there a way to mass download your screencaps (like say download an entire episode album)? I’d love to save your screencaps for certain episodes.

    • Ariane says:

      Not natively with Coppermine, no. Bulk Image Downloader (https://bulkimagedownloader.com) can do it album by album, although I’ve been using the pay version of it for years so don’t know for sure what kind of limitations the free version has. But if you’re on Windows, it’s the easiest way!

      If you’re not on Windows, or the free version doesn’t suffice, try this:

      Firefox add-on DownLoadThemAll can download an entire album, if you first figure out the directory the album’s screencaps are stored in. Chrome and other browsers probably have something similar.

      As an example:

      Let’s use My Life Is Murder 1.01 screencaps as an example. You can figure the storage directory by going to the album and clicking on any of the thumbnails. In the pop-up that opens, go to the INFO page (the blue circle with an “I” in it) and then copy the HTML code in the very last box and paste it into a text editor. Now you should have something like this (click):

      https://gallery.xenacentral.net/albums/LucyLawless/MyLifeIsMurder/1×01-TheBoyfriendExperience/thumb_extant_MyLifeIsMurder_1x01-TheBoyfriendExperience_0002.jpg is the URL of the thumbnail you clicked on, and the last bit is the filename: thumb_extant_MyLifeIsMurder_1x01-TheBoyfriendExperience_0002.jpg

      Delete the filename and you should have:


      That is the URL of storage directory for the My Life Is Murder 1.01 screencaps. Copy it and paste into a browser window, and it should list the directory contents. Once it does, use DownloadThemAll or similar to download the pics – note that at default settings you’ll also get the thumbnails (thumb_*); you’ll either have to unselect them before downloading, or batch delete them off your hard drive if you don’t want them.

      I hope that helps!

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