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Host Trouble??

by Ariane/February 01, 2020/No Comments

So, appears my host is having some sort of problems. Their client area(s) have been showing a database error and a maintenance error at least for about a week now, meaning I can’t pay my February bill. Also haven’t gotten the e-mail that there is February bill waiting to be paid, or the usual reminders before the due date (today). So. The other hostees have the same problems. I don’t know what’s going on, and they aren’t communicating. I DM’d them on Twitter a couple of days ago, but no reply.

So everything’s online and working but that can change at anytime. Right now I don’t know whether this Xena site will be able to remain online until the 28th which is when the domain expires and the planned closing day – could be that my host is just busy with whatever the problem is, or could be they’ll disappear taking their hostees sites along with them at anytime! It’s the not communicating and not billing that has me worried. So everything might go well – or not.

If my sites disappear/go offline/whatever unexpectedly, it’ll probably be related to this. I hope I won’t need to find a new host because honestly, I’m not sure I’d resurrect any other sites than this one (https://www.so-obsessed.com) and Jeri Ryan. Fingers crossed!!!!

If the worst happens and my sites disappear and I need to find a new host, I’ll be posting status updates to my DW https://intothisshadow.dreamwidth.org and my Tumblr https://intothisshadow.tumblr.com as well as my Pillowfort https://www.pillowfort.social/intothisshadow Be sure to bookmark at least one of these in case you need it later. DW is probably the easiest to find the newest site news post – I can make a sticky post there which will be always the first.

My host has been having some problems recently, but nothing that affected me until now.

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