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HTTPS Enabled

by Ariane/June 08, 2018/No Comments

I could’ve sworn I already did this here too (when I did my other sites earlier this year) but apparently not… anyway, I’ve activated SSL. You should now be automatically directed to https instead of http.


by Ariane/March 08, 2018/1 Comment

Also, I needed to switch out  the site’s Tumblr account to a sideblog to make maintaining it easier for me. I was able to import the old posts but not followers – so if you followed the site’s Tumblr please follow again! The URL stays the same: https://xenacentral.tumblr.com

Sorry for the hassle!

Restoration Complete

by Ariane/March 08, 2018/No Comments

Restoration is complete!

Here on the main site I lost an icon or two… I might still have the original PSDs on another old external hard drive of mine, so if that stills works ok I’ll add them here later on.

Also did some small housekeeping – updated Online and Site, Credits pages.


I still have one big site left to restore, and other smaller things to check and then I want to/need to take a little break after all this stress… so updates propably won’t commence for couple of weeks at least.



Downtime & Restore

by Ariane/March 05, 2018/No Comments

Sorry for the downtime and all the broken links!

My host’s data center made a mistake while installing a new server and re-installed the current one instead, wiping out all sites on it, and then there was a script or user error when my host tried to restore from backups which lead to loss of most recent backups. Looks like we lost about 3,5 months worth of updates + plus maybe older uploads too, randomly (at least that’s what happened on my other sites) 🙁 I can restore (hopefully) everything from my personal backups, but I have to check a lot of things so it’ll take a lot of work and time so please be patient with me.

I’m starting the restore processes on this site right now, and will make a new post when everything is up and working again!

New Host

by Ariane/November 06, 2017/No Comments

Due to flaunt.nu’s new ad requirements (3 ads in all galleries), I’ve move the site to my personal hosting account. Everything should be up and working, but if you spot anything missing or just odd, please let me know so I can look into it!