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Two More Sites Moved

by Ariane/July 24, 2013/No Comments

Stargate-Caps.Net and Xena Central are now also on a new server. Everything should be working normally but do let me know if you see any errors or anything missing.

There are some changes happening at fan-sites.org, and one of them is that all sites hosted at FS will be moving to upgraded, more powerful servers – including this one. There shouldn’t be any downtime but load times may be slow during the move. I don’t have further details yet but considering that there are 26 servers, and 1800+ sites to move…  it all won’t happen in a few hours :)

I’ll keep you posted.


by Ariane/February 19, 2013/No Comments

I’m going on a hiatus for 1-2 weeks, due to personal, health-related reasons. During that time, I’ll deal with any server issues and problems and script updates as normal should there be any, but all other things will be on hold.


by Ariane/January 12, 2013/No Comments

I’ve upgraded the gallery to the latest stable release.

Cleaning Up & Refined Alert System

by Ariane/November 26, 2012/No Comments

I went through all my sites today, checking that all scripts, plugins etc. were up-to-date and also did some general cleaning. I’m also taking into a use a further refined alert system that makes it possible for me to post hiatus, server problem etc. notices both on my main domain Crystal Fires that must have everything and only to the site in question (when it comes back online) unlike to all my sites like before – it’s also possible post it on the main domain as well as to either all sites if all are affected or to say to 3, if only 3 sites are affected. So less off topic news to each site with this upgrade.

This post works as a test of the refined system: if everything works as it should, this post should show up on all of my sites.