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New Affiliates

by Ariane/June 09, 2011/1 Comment

Callisto has opened two fansites, for Xena and Legend Of The Seeker, and Xena Central is pround to affiliate with them:

Xena Art // Xena: Warrior Princess Fansite Seeker is the Seeker

New Wallpapers

by Ariane/June 03, 2011/1 Comment

I’ve uploaded new wallpapers by Callisto:

And this is by me:



Two New Wallapers

by Ariane/May 20, 2011/No Comments

Callisto has share another two new wallpapers with us 😀 The Ares wallie uses my caps from the episode Chakram.

Due to health stuff going on with my Mom, updates may be delayed and sporadic. More details here.

New Wallpapers

by Ariane/May 13, 2011/2 Comments

I miss making wallpapers regularly so much, but can’t seem to manage either the energy or inspiration these days 🙁 But the the fabulous, colorful wallpapers Callisto has been sharing with us gave me inspiratoin, and I actually made two new wallpapers today! 😀