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New Wallpapers

by Ariane/May 13, 2011/2 Comments

I miss making wallpapers regularly so much, but can’t seem to manage either the energy or inspiration these days 🙁 But the the fabulous, colorful wallpapers Callisto has been sharing with us gave me inspiratoin, and I actually made two new wallpapers today! 😀


New Wallpapers

by Ariane/May 11, 2011/1 Comment

Callisto has shared two new, great wallpapers with us! 😀 Alecto uses my recent screencaps from the episode The Furies.

Xena 3.01 The Furies (Recap)

by Ariane/May 02, 2011/6 Comments

I’ve uploaded screencaps from the Xena: Warrior Princess episode 3.01 The Furies. Both gallery and a zip available.

The usual rules apply – don’t hotlink, don’t claim as your own, credit.

Gallery: 3.01 The Furies | Zip @ Megaupload

Screencaps Closed Temporarily

by Ariane/April 30, 2011/No Comments

The screencaps gallery is closed temporary while I switch way from Coppermine in preparation of uploading recaps from the beginning.

Open again!