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by Ariane/November 11, 2010/No Comments

I have re-organized the Xena icons – now they are listed by the episode (except the ones I’m not sure which episode they’re from).

New Look!

by Ariane/June 24, 2010/2 Comments

I want to get comfortable with making WordPress themes (and with layout making in general, again), and Xena is a subject I like working one – so here’s my newest WordPress theme now as the default skin here 🙂 I hope you like it, but if you’d rather use one of the other ones, you can changed it using the Theme Switcher on the sidebar.


by Ariane/June 23, 2010/No Comments

I forgot to turn off the maintenance mode when I was done restructuring the gallery last weekend – I’m sorry!

As you can see, we have a new look! I hope you like it, but if you’d rather try another skin, just select one one using the theme Switcher on the sidebar.

I have uploaded the screencaps my friend Nessa did of the Hercules: The Legendary Journey episode 4.05 Stranger In A Strange World.

Also, I received a few requests to upload my icons also here, so I’ve reupload all of my Xena icons and wallpapers to the Fan Art page again.


by Ariane/March 12, 2010/No Comments

I uploaded a new default theme; if you don’t like it, the old themes are still available – just select it from the Theme Switcher dropdown from the sidebar on the right.

I fixed the link to the photos page – it should now be working for all.

My Hollywood Fanatic gallery now has HDTV caps of Lucy as Lucretia in the first four episodes of Spartacus: Blood And Sand. More will come as soon as I can make it happen.